Tuesday, October 16, 2007

If you have the cash...

This money will go to charity. Rush Limbaugh is auctioning off the letter Sen. Harry "the Body" Reid sent to Clear Channel communications to try and have them reprimand Rush for supposed negative comments Rush made about the troops.


I was listening that day, and I archive Rush's show, and he never said anything negative about our military. What he did comment on, was the phony soliders that claimed to have seen atrocities in Iraq committed by our soldiers, yet upon further investigation, were either never in Iraq or their story didn't check out when investigated. That's where he called them phony soldiers, especially referring to one Jesse McBeth, of Washington state, who claimed he was a Ranger, and had seen atrocities committed by US Army troops in Iraq. The only problem was, McBeth never even made it out of Basic training, he washed out!

So, Good ole Harry the body Reid and his leftist buddies, decided, "hey, here's a chance to take the heat off our good buddies over at Moveon.0rg" for their cheap shot and slanderous shot at Gen David Petreaus. Reid acting so sanctomoniously, gets out on the senate floor and calls for a condemnation of Rush for supposedly calling the Troops returning from Iraq, that may or may not agree with the mission, phony. And then, in that fine liberal tradition of tolerance and free speech, sents a letter to the head of Clear Channel asking that Rush be reprimanded for "slamming" the military.


so, anyway, just as a joke, I am posting this widget, as I know anyone of you out there can't affored to pay for this, the original letter from our fine Liberal, moveon.org, marxist, we own defeat senators that wanted Rush shut up. The money will more than likely be used for the military in some way or another.