Friday, September 21, 2007

I'm having trouble making the connection

So, in Colorado, my home state, CSU, Colorado State University, has their newsletter, the Rocky Mountain Collegian. CSU is the alma mater of my ex-wife and is in Fort Collins, about 65 miles north of Denver.

So they ran an editorial as all colleges do, but somehow I don't make the connection. I have copied the "editorial" and posted it below. It deals with the Tasering of the Florida Student at the John (did you know he fought in Vietnam) "Lurch" Kerry. Now, they lead off with "Taser This", ok, so when you click on the link, you get the following;

Now you can click on the picture, sorry it's not real clear, but you can obviously see where their editorial just says "F*** Bush". Hmmm. Am I missing something here? What does President Bush have to do with the Tasering of a self-seeking attention whore? He only acted out for the cameras. The President had nothing to do with him getting Tasered. But I suppose the Students at CSU must belong to the Democrats and therefore, anything bad that happens anywhere must be a result of President Bush. It's a wonder what these twits do anymore and then again, it's interesting what university's and colleges will let go. I mean with Columbia inviting Mahmoud "I'm a whack job" Ahmadinejad. And then the president of Columbia says "we'd invite Hitler to speak". Huh? Well, while you're at it, let's get Osama, Ayman al-Zawahiri, Kim Jung Il, Bashar al-Assad and who else to speak?

I heard Victor Davis Hanson, the noted and well respected Historian on Hugh's show the other day and I always stop. Hanson is the best. Here is an excerpt to put things into context;

HH: Professor Hanson, the…Columbia was once led by Ike, Dwight Eisenhower.

VDH: Yes, he was. He was president.

HH: And when Eisenhower confronted Holocaust deniers, and those who turned their eyes away, he marched them through the camp of Buchenwald. Columbia’s fallen pretty far since then. How would Eisenhower deal with this, do you suspect?

VDH: He would be appalled. I mean, remember what the subtext of this, I don’t know if it’s very sub, is that if you’re an anti-American, that gives you a cache. You know and I know, Hugh, that they wouldn’t ask David Duke, and give a lecture and say we want to air all views, no matter how reprehensible. They just wouldn’t do that. Remember what the status of academia is. This last week, we had UC Davis refuse a platform for Larry Summers on the grounds that he was sexist. This is a man who gave $50 million dollars to women’s studies programs at Harvard, and yet at a similar rank university, will ask a man to speak whose done all sorts of atrocious things to women in Iran. We know that. He just imprisoned a U.S.-Iranian woman scholar. And women are fourth class citizens. But why he gets that cache is because he’s rubbing the West’s nose in the dirt, and for a lot of people in this 9 to 5 boutique world the campus, that’s sort of neat and interesting and curious, and so he gets a platform that where a Larry Summers wouldn’t.

HH: Is there any difference from the perspective of you having studied both Afghanistan and the Iraq War between Ahmadinejad and, say, a Zawahiri or bin Laden?

VDH: No, I mean, there’s…the only difference is that he has more material support at his fingertips, because he’s in control of a nation state. What he says about destroying Israel is much more explicit than what bin Laden or Zarqawi or Zawahiri said. But the difference is neither one of them have 3,000 centrifuges at work. There’s a difference.

HH: Is there…this is really kind of the crucial question. Does Lee Bollinger, the president of Columbia University, not know that he is arming the insurgents, and directing them and trading them, who are killing American soldiers and Marines? Or does he not care?

VDH: You know, I don’t know, but I see this as endemic right now of the left. I’m bewildered when a Dennis Kucinich or a Nancy Pelosi goes over to Syria, that engages in serial assassination of reformers, democrats in Lebanon, or when we, as you say, Ahmadinejad is killing people inside Iran who want free speech. He’s killing people in Iraq who want free speech. He’s killing people in Lebanon. He’s killing people, trying to in Israel, and it seems to me that a democratic institution would not want to give that man a platform.

HH: But it also occurs to me, he shuts down Tehran University.

VDH: He just did. More than Tehran, I think it was fifteen universities he shut down. So he would destroy everything that Columbia is, had he the chance. And so it’s mystifying to people why they would do this, except there’s this very fuzzy attitude about the world’s rogues, the Hugo Chavez, or an Ahmadinejad, or any of these people who pose as sort of peasant anti-Americans. As simpletons, they have a sort of nostalgic attraction toward the boutique left in this country. I don’t understand it. It’s frightening.

HH: Do you see any of the traditional democratic left, the Harry Truman left, raising their voices against this?

VDH: I don’t think they exist anymore. Joe Lieberman? Who is he anymore? He has a constituency of one. The Democratic Party sold its soul to the Daily Kos, the, and the Hollywood base that has a lot of money, and is sort of…let’s be candid, they’re sort of an elite, white, affluent, professional class that really doesn’t understand what this country’s about, but has a lot of money, they’re very articulate, they’re highly educated, and that’s the engine that drives the Democratic Party.

HH: You’re right, and it’s a sad statement. I hope someone wakes up at Columbia. Victor Davis Hanson, always a pleasure, thanks for joining us on short notice to bring some clarity to this. It’s not hard to understand. I just want to make sure that our audience understands.

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