Saturday, September 8, 2007

Rather dry, but if you really pay attention...

I found a great new blog at Committees of Correspondence, run by "Kentucky Dan". Now it seems that Dan is a pretty logical and intelligent person and has a lot of good things on his blog. He posted a video from a scientist named Dr. Sally Balunas, a staff astrophysicist at Harvards Smithsonian Observatory. The video is rather dry, but well worth watching and listening to as to what Dr. Balunas says. Dan has the following video and posts this;

Wednesday, 4 July 2007
A Lesson In History
Topic: Global Warming

The Weather is changing, not in living memory have we witnessed such extreme events.

Sound familiar? That is the Litany given to us by the High Priest of the Climactic Neo-Inquisition Al Gore and his adherents.

They insist that the World faces an Ecodisaster of Cosmic proportions, unless we return to the atmospheric state that existed before the Industrial Revolution of the 19th Century.

Now they seem strangely silent on the subject of what exactly Global Climate was like then.

I want you to view the following video and then ask yourself is THAT the Global Climate you wish the world to return to?

For those who for some reason were not able to view the video, let me give one of the examples it contains.

On May the 24, 1626 a Hail Storm hit central Europe it left a METER of ice on the ground. Two days later an Arctic front fell on Central Europe, rivers froze, grape vines exploded, the rye and barley crops were destroyed, tree leaves blackened and fell to the ground.

This was so unusual it HAD to be unnatural, So the Great Witch Hunt of the 17th Century ensued.

We are now witnessing the 21st Century version of those events.

I have to to say Hua! to Dan for his observations. You can check his blog out at;

Committees of Correspondence

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