Wednesday, March 18, 2009

The answer my friend, is blowing from Bob Dylans wind...the answer is blowing from Dylans wind

I had to post this. For all the "good" liberals out there (and that's an oxymoron, there is nothing good about liberal). Seems Mr Civil Rights and 60's icon Bob Dylan, he who can't even remember the words to his own music and I don't think has been seen on stage in a coon's age, has an outhouse on his Malibu property (I don't think it's Barbara Streisand visiting I believe), that is wafting it's stench onto his neighbors. Think about this. This is a guy who decried the injustice and evil of the government's treatment of black people and the Vietnam war. Yet this piece from the LA times blog lays out what kind of environmentalist this pinhead is. This is typical liberal behavior. Do as I say, not as I do. I wonder if Sheryl 2-ply Crowe visits? I bet she has along with all the rest of these worthless wastes of human skin and space. More and more I am beginning to believe that liberals and leftistism is a mental disorder. I really believe these people have mental problems.

Neighbors say Bob Dylan's Malibu home is a stinker
Wow. What's that horrible smell?
The answer, my friends, is blowing in the wind.
Neighbors contend that there’s definitely something bad blowing in the wind near Bob Dylan’s Malibu mansion.
Residents contend that the evening breeze wafts a terrible stench from an employees' portable toilet on Dylan's Point Dume property.
Right into their homes. And their nostrils.
Some neighbors say they are even getting sick. Dylan, 67, has ignored their complaints for six months.
Hmm... Sounds like the '60s folk singer just isn't interested in other peoples' civil rights anymore.
David Emminger, whose home is directly behind the toilet, told the L.A. Times that the latrine is used by Dylan’s security staff.
Emminger and his wife have installed five industrial-sized fans in their yard to blast the smell back at Dylan.
But mere fans can't compete with the powerful evening ocean breezes.
Dylan, who has lived in a compound next to Bluewater Road for more than two decades, did not respond to inquiries about the toilet.
Neither did his New York lawyer.
Malibu officials said they are investigating the complaints and, as a result, they cannot discuss the issue.
But you can discuss this issue, so let's hear some thoughts.
Are you surprised — or not surprised — at how downright unneighborly Dylan is being about this smelly matter?
Does it make you rethink the man and his music?


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