Friday, March 13, 2009

A perspective of Comrade Obam-uh and socialism

If there is anyone in the world that knows socialism/communism, it's someone from one of the former Soviet bloc countries. Probably the most knowledgeable of these would be Poland. If you study the history of Poland, you will find that as a country it has been one of the most, if not the most abused country in history, from Napoleon to Hitler to Stalin, the wonderful people of Poland have endured some of the most vicious and savage treatments at the hands of evil men. Now that she is free, one finds that Poles are the most ardent proponents of freedom in the world and will fight to remain free.

My good friend Shari, over at Keep in touch with Mama Kin sent me this email from a Polish immigrant. What you read is a good indication of how far left the commucrat party has gone. I probably err when I claim liberals have taken over the commucrat party, I probably mean more the leftist/socialists have done so. I think a true liberal would not try and silence any voice of the opposition from the conservative right, as we have that freedom in this country, for now at least. I think more the left would love to silence those of us who vehemently disagree with Comrade Obam-uh and his ilk who are trying to hijack our American life. Read this email from Jurek and see how we as Americans are viewed through the eyes of someone who has lived under a tyranical regime.

"As I watch his first 50 days in office i Cannot pass this though i have in my head.. What he does, the way he says is and how much afford he puts in his image when talking publicly or walking in front of camera reminds me what I have seen in Poland. All was about image. All communist chiefs of party in power during 40-years of a "golden socialism era" based their rule on fakes. They always look good, talk great and promise Eden in future.
Always same words ' we need to sacrifice , work hard, donate time for free for a better goodness of nation to achieve prosperity in future. ... always was in future, which never become a present time.
In my view, he is 100% Socialistic breed and he does everything according to idea of perfect glass houses for chosen ones from a nation. rest is to be served them. I always got this idea that Marks and Engels "create" socialism from jealousy toward kings and their power.
Under populist bumper sticker sentences like: "we give you great job, house, food and easy going life" their tried to create slaves from their own nation to rule them in absolute power. for them there is no GOD because their are gods.
I'm very sad that so many in this great nation USA is willing to be slaves for empty promises. If we get to many of them re institution of state back to free market will not be peaceful. We have to fight this now when is just a small baby without predators teeth and claws to rip a part any freedom loving people...
Sorry for this morning "talk" I'm really upset after yesterdays explanation of our Messiah when signing earmarkulus package.."

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