Saturday, March 14, 2009

Whatever happened to John F'n Kerry Anyway?

So, I went to have lunch at a local deli that I heard made a good roast beef sandwich. I met up with some friends and we sat down to eat and my friends son had a child's cup with various vegetables on it. My friend Craig, said, "what do you notice about the pickle?" I stared at it and finally he says, "doesn't it look like John F'n Kerry?" and Lo and behold, he was right. So I now know what and where that idiot is. He's in Phoenix lending his likeness for Jason's Deli! Look at the pic and tell me if I am not correct, complete this time with a green tan and not the orange one he always seems to wear. By the way, Jason's Deli is a wonderful place and those roast beef was simply great!

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