Monday, March 9, 2009

A true understanding of American Government

Comrade Obam-uh is evil.

Now, I will say it again for those of you who are gasping at what I am saying.

Comrade Obam-uh is evil.

Now if you want to take a minute to catch your breath, or finish swearing at me, or do whatever, fine, call me a right wing nutjob, but I want you to understand, this man is evil. The following is the definition of evil from the Merriam-Webster Dictionary, notice the red highlights and read what it says, click on the graphic and see it full screen and easier to read:

Notice the words, "arising from actual or imputed bad character or conduct". Now, when you think of someone like Bill Ayers who is friends with Obam-uh, and is a known murderer of 2 police officers, does that not impinge on Obam-uh's character? and what about Reverend Wright? A racist and solid black separatist whom the Messiah has sat and listened to in his "church" for over the last 20 years and "baptized" his children in along with marrying his wife? does that not also impinge on Obam-uh's character? And what about that fine ex-governor, Rod
Blagojevich? Someone is going to tell me that the junior senator from the state of Illinois had no real contact or conversations with Blago? hmm. Me thinks, something rotten smells in Denmark.

And what of the people he surrounds himself with? Emmanuel, Clinton, Napalitano (no finer man than he was the governor of our fair state I always say) and on and on? Someone who is willing to intrude on your life, in your pocketbook, to say, "help a brother out"? What about good ole Peggy the moocher? her statements that "Obam-uh is going to fill up my gas tank and pay my mortgage"? hmmm. At whose expense? yours? mine? and what of the great enterprise that is America? the hard work that has created and sustained this country through the sheer tenacity of men and women who work and toil everyday to be the best they can be? for what? for Comrade Obam-uh to take more away from them? to silence the voice of the opposition? it seems to me that the word "bi-partisan" is code for the commucrats saying, "just do it our way". And what of those "jihadists" that are being released from Gitmo? have they rights as native born American citizens do? Are we somehow "misunderstanding" their true intentions after their brethren killed over 3000 people on American soil one Tuesday morning for doing nothing more than going to work? hmmm.

Obam-uh is evil.

He doesn't have to have horns, or a pitch fork, or 2 tongues (but if you listen close, he speaks with 2) but what he is attempting to do is to harm this country by playing economic warfare, race warfare and social warfare, all to "help a brother out". He has become the symbol of what many people believe is the answer to their own problems, "if I can't take responsibility for myself, then the messiah will wash me clean with the waters from the federal government as he spreads the wealth around." It doesn't take a "rocket surgeon" (as Jeanine Ford, a former anchor at channel 12 once uttered) to understand what is going on.

Obama wants to remake the good ole USA into the image of...France! or Germany or even worse, a resurrected Soviet Union. Perhaps a lesson in political history is in order.

But still, Obam-uh's evil.

For those of you who don't understand the difference between "right" and "left", this little flash file will help you decide. So many people have the wrong idea about where conservatives and liberals stand. My good friend and fellow vidiot, John Martin (and a fellow conservative) sent me this. It is a very good primer for the politically ignorant, such as Comrade Obam-uh worshipers. People don't seem to understand why Comrade Globam-uh, or Milhouse as Mark Levin calls him, and his ilk are so dangerous. Watch the following clip and you will understand how and why our system of government was designed to function. We as a country were created out of a whole new idea, which is why the USA has stood so tall for so long. And then when you understand, you can see why I say that Comrade Obam-uh is evil.

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