Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Leno's Oral fixation with President Bush

I don't know what his problem is, but Jay Leno can't seem to leave President Bush or former President Bush alone. This is the guy that had nothing but good things to say after the atrocities of 9/11, yet as the years passed, he just kept slamming Bush for everything. Leno is a liberal, even though he says he's a political moderate. He's not. He glances at the surface of everything and while Bush did some great things in his presidency, Leno always tries to make him sound dumb. Meanwhile, the real idiot, Comrade Obam-uh is to appear Thursday on "The Tonight Show" and Leno is salivating as if that idiot has any real clue as to the damage he has thus far inflicted on this nation. I really believe that Leno is a nice guy, personally I like him over Dave Letterman, but he's a political ignoramus. In this clip, Leno talks about this stupid study that says our brains peak at around 27 years of age. That is ridiculous, what about all the great people over 30 that have created or invented? 27 years old is just an older teenager from where I stand. I remember being 27 and the world is still pretty fresh at that age. As I have gotten older, I have noticed that I have matured in ways that I couldn't have envisioned when I was 27. Watch this clip and see if you can figure out Leno's obsession with slamming W.