Wednesday, June 6, 2007

FDR's D-Day Prayer

(Editor's note: I decided to delete the player with the prayer of FDR reciting the prayer as I could not get the player to wait until prompted to play, which was annoying. I posted the link to the file below so that you can go to see it as I did have complaints from friends of mine who said it was crashing their browsers.)

This is a prayer that President Franklin D. Roosevelt read on the radio on D-Day in 1944. I got this from and decided to post it here. The pictures were added by Gary Lamb, the owner and operator of the site, to represent a contemporary touch, and he did a wonderful job. To hear this powerful prayer, knowing that Roosevelt was speaking to the American people, is just astounding and inspiring. He was praying for guidance, strength, courage and...


When was the last time you ever heard a democrat do what FDR did in 1944? much less pray for victory. And to hear a democrat actually pray for victory, that wouldn't happen today. More than likely, they will be praying to lose the war on terror.

So, I decided to post this in honor of those brave men (and women) who served their country on that day and also to all our current and retired military men and women. I received a nice comment from the mother of a solider who read my post about Memorial Day. Like her, my father fought in WWII and I wish the best for her son. God bless them all.

Take time out of your day to say a prayer for all our military folks, and thank a vet,

Click the link to see and hear FDR's D-Day prayer;

FDR's D-Day Prayer to the Nation