Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Good video from Iraq-WARNING! Graphic Language

My friend Ronnie ( "RP" as I mentioned him in an earlier post) sent me this video. It's great video, but it's the reaction of the Marines that is great. It has some graphic language, but hey, it's the Marines, God Bless 'em. Ooo-Rah.

"Some U.S. Marines, pinned down by an insurgent Iraqi sniper on top of the building decided that they'd had enough. They marked his location with a smoke grenade and called for close air support. The aircraft was an F-16 from the 192nd Fighter Wing of the Virginia Air National guard."

F-16.....$21 Million
Smoke grenade......$1.16
Camcorder from Best Buy......$249.99
The audio track on this clip......Priceless.

Yep, that's why the US Military is the best!