Monday, June 11, 2007

An Observation about the President in Albania

While I was at work today, I have to 'clock' NBC Nightly News to get the time that the local break hits. So, I had the audio up while I was working and a tape rolling so I could get the time. I stopped to watch this story about President Bush visiting Albania and was struck at how warmly he was received.

I started thinking about how spoiled many Americans are (read liberal) after hearing some of the comments from the citizens of Albania. They had American Flags all over Tirana and called out to him as "Welcome Bushie, Welcome, Bushie". I was proud to see a country welcome him in that manner as it just seemed that they get it.

If you watch this story (courtesy NBC Nightly News) you see how the people were just so happy to have President Bush in their country. If anyone knows about oppression and tyranny, the Albanians do, given their history going way back. What struck me most was what one man said;

"Most people who protest against Bush do not understand what evil means, because they never had communism"

Read that again and notice 2 words he says, "evil" and "communism". You can see the video of protesters in the street doing the usual BS that they do. Funny that this happens in Germany where 1) they were liberated from very evil regimes (the Nazis and the Soviet's) largely by the United States. And 2) The Germans do not have much of a military presence in Iraq so why are they worried what we are doing there? more than likely, the protesters are the paid lackeys' of the left and communist groups, and to some extent the American Democratic Party and the MSM. After all, the media skews everything and had the president been a democrat, chances are, the Germans would have been out there with American Flags as the media would have portrayed him in a positive light. What the German protestors and public learn about the President, they get from the MSM.

That man had it right. I get so tired of the usual crap from the left equating the President to Hitler or some kind of mass murderer. Why didn't they protest when Saddam was murdering thousands of his own people? Funny how they never did that (as well as the left in this country) when the Taliban had taken over Afghanistan and was wreaking havoc on their people. And if they cared that much, why didn't they go to Iraq or Afghanistan and help liberate those nations themselves? Funny how only when we are attacked, 3000 people murdered and we decide to take out threats to our country that these moonbats show up calling us "murderers" and wanting us to leave the nations responsible alone. What utter rubbish.

Watch this story from NBC and see how it is heartwarming to see a nation that respects and likes us and our president. But notice then how they (NBC news) adds a BUT... when they talk about his low approval numbers back here. I just thought the citizens of Albania, including the children, have more insight into real world politics and understand what the war in Iraq & Afghanistan means more so than the average KOS-kid looney American, and about what the war on Terror really is about. After all, Islamofacism is really just another form of communism or Nazi-ism and it's nice to know that at least some people in the former Eastern Bloc Countries still love the United States for causing the fall of the Soviets and the Nazi's. It's really kind of sad to think that some American's don't appreciate the good of freeing 50 million in Iraq & Afghanistan and that the former Soviet satellite states that lived under such oppression still do.

Till the next time,