Wednesday, June 13, 2007

An example of Hyprocisy from the left, do they think we have short term memories?

Well, well, well. I had forgotten about this, I actually saw it during the campaign many years ago, but the patron God of the looney left's latest religion and crisis-du-jour and the "blowhard smarming crowd", none other than the Rev. Al Gore is here on tape criticizing George H.W. Bush in 1992 over his Iraq policy and it's ties to "Terror".

Hmmm, and people wonder why I trust Gore, Clinton and Pelosi about as far as I can throw a train. Watch this and see for yourself how these people contradict themselves all the time. If he does this over Terrorism, whose to say he isn't trying to sell you snake oil over the farce that is "Blowhard Smarming?". Hey Al, instead of buying 'carbon credit offsets', why don't you and Hillary try buying some 'truth credibility'?