Thursday, January 29, 2009

America under Siege

Yep, that' right, America under siege. With the Porkulus Package as Rush calls it, the commucrats in the Politburo lead by Comrade Obam-uh are trying to undermine everything that made America the great country it is. Now with funding for infrastructure, giving "tax credits" to people who don't pay taxes to begin with and the move toward nationalized healthcare, we are seeing the commucrats trying to turn America into France, or Germany.

What people don't realize is, for example, the other day the story was reported that Starbucks ended up getting rid of their new jet they had purchased a few years ago and had taken delivery of. Of course, Starbucks wasn't a reciepient of any bailout from the US government, but oh my God, to hear those in the politburo screaming about how that was hurting employees, they could have kept employees and stores open, they could have kept jobs. Here's the thing. I don't agree with Starbucks buying the jet, but at the time, they were making a profit. They were helping to employ the people making the jet, (it might be a jet made in France, but still, it was employing people). Now, a jet needs a ground crew and maintanence people to keep it up to snuff, so they have to employ local people to do that. You don't just hop into a jet and fly to Starbucks or Circle K or 7-11 to get the morning paper like you would with your car. They have to make sure that the jet is in top condition each time it rotates.

My point is, if a company wants to make a boneheaded move, let it fail. It's America after all. It's capitalism and it's not the government's call to decide what a private company can do. I don't care what company it is, except if it involves public transportation such as the airlines or trains or buses. Companies should be allowed to fail without government interference if they do the wrong things and shouldn't expect the government to help them out. That goes for the auto industry, and they airline industry. The government should only be involved in the airline industry to the extent that they are protecting the public by making sure the airlines keep and fly reliable and safe aircraft. Not whether or not the owners are jetting around on their own aircraft to jaunts around the world. If GM or Chrysler or Ford can't make a decent American car because they pay so much in healthcare and pension costs, let them either restructure the way they do business, cut the unions down to size or go out of business. It is not the government's business to interfere in private business. Because when you start getting bailouts from the government to save your asses, you can damn well expect the government to start telling you how to do business and that amounts to socialism if in fact, not fascism. There is no guarantee in the US constitution that if you are a bad business, it's the government's job to save you. After all, if the US government was a a business itself, it would have gone out of business a long time ago. Thus lies the danger in Comrade Obam-uh and the Politburo's thinking. Encroachment on the one shining attribute of American exceptionalism. The willingness to risk and either succeed or fail on your own merits.

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