Tuesday, January 20, 2009

An Historic but sad day in America...

As I sit here in my daughter's house in Greeley, Colorado, trying not to watch the circle jerk going on DC, I am struck by a few points. Since Greeley is well out of the footpath of Denver TV stations OTA and I am awaiting the directv guy to come and hook up directv for my daughter and her family since they have no real TV to watch, I have to resort to watching the Translator from KDVR Fox 31 out of Denver which is located in Fort Collins, to the west.

I glance now and then at the screen and see all the illumanaires and gas bags that are showing up, and that's the just the commucrats. I have seen President Bush, his wife, his father and mother a few other republicans, but for the most part I am trying to ignore it all.

It is a historic day in that in America we have now elected the first black president in our history. One good thing about Comrade B. Hussein Obama, is that he has single-handedly wiped out an industry in America by his election. No more should the race baiters like Jackson, Sharpton and Jeremiah Wright have any credibility when they claim rascism is still alive in America and that the black man has no chance of oppotunity. No more should people like P "Dickhead" Diddy Comes and other thug rappers that want to lay all their problems on white people be allowed to stand. Does that mean rascism is dead in America? no but it means that those losers have had their weapon of choice taken away from them. Rascism has existed since the beginning of man and always will, but enough with Rascist America already. I think our society has long moved past that part of our history and it will be interesting to see the relics that remain that want to keep rascism alive as an industry.

I am happy we have elected a black man, so these people will shut up or at least I hope they will. The problem is, he is the wrong kind of black man. If he was a stanch conservative that believed in freedom, liberty, the rule of law, self-reliability and the nations's right to defend itself against any threat, foreign or domestic, yeah, right on. What we have here is the child of the corrupt chicago political machine, a student of Saul Alinksy, friends with un-repentant terrorists and a rascist pastor that he never in the 20 years of attending his church never heard any inflamatory remarks. He also has ties with a convicted land dealer whose real role is to be discovered and finally, we have a corrupt governor that you know Comrade Obama has had to have talked with regularly.

My daughter just having switched the TV over to a "my little pony" movie for the children has thankfully taken that ridiculous spectacle going on DC off the TV. I was half expecting Comrade Obama to walk across the mall pool, or turn it into wine, or be nailed to a cross so that special effects people could roll out a tomb and out would come the messiah all to the joy and amazement of the crowd. Thank god, I won't have to see that. I will never refer to him as President as I don't vote for socialist and I think we are in for some rough going. Any mistake or blunder he makes, he certainly will not get the criticism or scrutiny that Bush got during his presidency. No, they will excuse him as being new to the job, learning or spinning it some way to make it someone else's fault other than him.

As far as that goes, while i wish him no physical harm, I want him to fail. I want to see the economy tank even worse, I want to see attempts at more restrictive freedoms in the name of "good", and god forbid, something tells me that we are going to get hit by another terrorist attack as he will be perceived as weak as well as his sympathies toward the arab world.

And in closing, all I can say is, "Fuck him", Fuck him and the horse he rode in on.

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