Friday, January 9, 2009

The power of prayer and the oncoming onslaught

I grabbed this from EWTN (Eternal Word Television Network) which is the "Catholic Channel". My mother had suggested that I listen to the homily or sermon for all you protestants out there. The name of the priest is Father Tom Euteneur and he is talking about the power of prayer. He was explaining why it is important for people to pray. He's right. Prayer can achieve some remarkable things, even if it's a "no" answer, as it can guide us to do whatever God's will is for us. Now, there are many out there that say "Oh, God talks to you like George Bush?". That's not what that means. It means that you listen through prayer to do what is in your heart you know is right. Many times we over think what we should do, when all we have to do is be silent and still and listen to that inner voice to tell us what we should do. Some call it instinct, other's common sense. I believe in the power of prayer as I have seen it first hand.

I have the whole homily I recorded, but listen to what Father Euteneur says in this clip, tell me if it isn't chilling and perhaps prescient of what's to be expected once Comrade Obam-uh receives the Order of Lenin on the 20th. Many people say, "He's not even President yet, give him a chance!" or "You just don't want him to succeed, you want him to fail."

You're right. I want him to fail. I want him to be exposed for the snake oil salesman he is.

I often wonder how any person who calls themselves a "Christian" can honestly turn the other way knowing that people like Comrade Obam-uh and Princess Pelosi and Prince Harry Reid can let children die by either abortion or worse yet, partial birth abortion. All I have to do is look at my 5 kids and my grandkids and think "what if...". The joy my children and my grandkids have brought to the world is more than any stimulus package Obam-uh can offer. Yet he has voted 5 times to keep partial birth abortion. How does that so-called man call himself a Christian?

Yes, I want him to fail, because if he succeeds, he can do great damage to the country as we know it. The guy is a socialist at heart and it doesn't take my man, Albert Einstein to figure out what he wants to do. I hope he fails, because if he fails, it means that most common sense Americans have caught on the act. If he fails, it means our liberty and freedom will be preserved. If he succeeds? well, we become just another France or Germany or worse yet, a new Soviet Union.

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