Saturday, January 24, 2009

Arizona Bound

Well, it was a fun week spending time with the kids and grandkids here in Colorado. The weather was unseasonbly warm, no, it wasn't due to climate change. I remember growing up here many winters where we wondered where the snow was. It was always snowing in the mountains, but the front range sometimes got lucky and didn't get much at all.It still got down into the low 20's and teens at night and the last 2 nights we got a dusting of snow, though nothing big. Right at 9am as I am typing it's 19 degrees outside. I still must have Colorado skin as when I step outside for a smoke, it's cold, but it doesn't bother me. They say the longer you live in Arizona the thinner your blood gets, but for me, guess not. I can still handle Colorado winters. When I arrive back in Phoenix it will be about 70 degrees, that's a change!

I remember those cold gray winter skies that Colorado is known for and haven't see in quite a while. And I didn't have the chance to go to the Springs or Denver.

I will be coming back in May for Kayleigh's High School Graduation and Colorado spring's and summer's are the best kept secret in the west. I do miss the Colorado summers. But it's back to Phoenix and back to work as we have the superbowl coming up and the AZ Cardinals are playing, which shocked everybody and we have the Digital Transition coming up, provided of course that the bozos in DC don't decide to move it back. As a friend of mine said the other day "Hell must have frozen over, since the Cardinals are in the Super bowl and we have a black man in the white house." I added, "and a socialist one at that". See you on the other side.

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