Sunday, January 25, 2009


While I was in Colorado visiting my kids, I was also playing computer tech to fix my youngest daughters computer so that she and her band could record a demo cd. I also was instructing them on how to do this, instilling recording discipline and teaching Kayleigh how to use the program and mic the drums, the guitars, etc. I also went to a gig on the 17th that they played at a place called the Atlas. I recorded it on my little mino camcorder, and while the audio mix is not exactly board mix, the audio isn't that bad. The video also turned out better than I hoped. So I am loading up a song here called "my chemical bromance" which the Spitfire as I call her, told me was a play on the band, my chemical romance. She has complete command of the stage, and while a young band, if they stick at it, they have potential. I noticed the crowd that was there all gravitated toward the front of the stage after Sinclair started playing which is a good indication of how they grabbed their attention. Needless to say, I was extremely proud of her and proud of them as well.

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